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Texas Instruments has created the new Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem. It is the most densely integrated system”on a chip” and this modem is actually two products in one- a modem and a router. It is the easiest, most uncomplicated way to connect computers to a high-speed broadband connection. This modem is designed for the home, small office or for small business use.

The Actiontec modem design is sleek. It has an Energy Star Rating, meaning it uses at least 30% less energy than other comparable models. This means lower electricity consumption, hence, less environmental impact from power plant emissions. Even the packaging is from recycled materials. It’s being called a “green” cable modem, but it’s full of power.

It is a full rate ADSL 2/2+ modem and DSL router with bandwidth from 8 to 24 Mbps and it can network up to 256 computers. Because of the bandwidth, there is less wait time for downloads and fewer glitches in video streaming. There is an added bonus in that there is additional voice data storage space, meaning the availability of free or cheap internet phone use.

About the Actiontec GT701D Ethernet

The Actiontec Ethernet DSL Modem is compatible with most major DSL providers. It is a quick and easy set up including a user manual with pictures of actual screens that will be used. There is free tech and web support. This modem works with Plug and Play and is compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP. Some of the other features include:

  • Transparent MAC level bridge for Ethernet-like devices
  • Bridged Ethernet over ATP, PPP over ATM and PPP over Ethernet
  • Precise ATM traffic shaping
  • Auto handshake for different ADSL flavors
  • IP packet routing and transparent bridge
  • It has static IP “Routed” and routing protocol supports RIP-1 and RIP-2

The Actiontec ethernet DSL cable modem-router has a built in DHCP server as well as NAT. The advanced features of NAT include: port forwarding, web activity log, DZM, web site and service blocking. The firewall is multiple security levels including Basic IDS.

The power voltage is: +12V DC +- 5% @ 420mA max. Environmental details are as follows: temperature 0-40 C and 8- 95% humidity. Overall, this Actiontec Ethernet DSL Modem with routing capabilities has a small ecological footprint, but it will be sure to be a workhorse in the office.